Finding Happiness Is Easier Than You Think!!
"As one who has read countless books on personal development, I rank this book as one of the most important ever!" 
-Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver, The Go-Giver Leader, and The Go-Giver Influencer
Overcome Frustration,
And Step Into Joy With One Simple Choice...
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"This is the definitive gratitude how-to guide, a timeless classic... and it's a book the world has needed for a LONG time." 
-Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation
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"I look at things...

from a totally different perspective now! I have always found life & it's unlimited possibilities exciting, but now I am ENJOYING it!"

Trisha Dixon

"As one who has..

read countless books on personal development - and learned tons from many of them, I rank this book as one of the most important ever!"

Bob Burg

"This was the...

missing piece to all the personal development I've been doing for years. It has truly transformed my whole pwerspective, and my attitude since I started applying the formula."
Xen Huntsman
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About The Author
Kevin Clayson
Kevin Clayson, also known as the Chief Officer of Awesome, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before serving a 2-year LDS Service Mission in Berlin Germany. 

Kevin graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science and humorously admits he has not used his degree since. A few years after reluctantly accepting his role as a college grad and a "grown-up," Kevin, and two friends started a revolutionary multi-million dollar real estate investment, and personal development company in 2007, where Kevin served in many roles such as Company President, and Vice President of Marketing. 

Kevin now spends his time writing awesome books, and having significantly more fun pretending to be a "grown-up" as a highly requested, professional youth, and corporate speaker, speaking all over North America for audiences young, old, and in between. 

Kevin's list of accomplishments includes running 4 full marathons, splitting 2 pairs of suit pants while dancing in front of large audiences, and holding his family's record in the Nintendo Wii Game, "Just Dance." Kevin's favorite think in the world is family time with his gorgeous wife and his 3 amazing kids. Kevin and family live in Utah.
What is everyone saying?
  • "As one who who has read countless books on person development - and learned tons from many of them - I rank this book as one of the most important ever!"
    Bob Burg, Co-Author of The Go-Giver
  • "Everyone needs to read this book."
    Greg S. Reid, Author - Think And Grow Rich Series
  • "FLIP The Gratitude Switch is simply a MASTERPIECE! This will become one of those books that goes down in history as a must read."
    Rob Shallenberger, CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership
  • "The principle of gratitude is quickly gaining support in the psychological literature as the starting point for every life improvement. Kevin Clayson understands this in a way that is not only psychologically sound and accurate, but also refreshingly authentic and immediately applicable."
    Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D., Speaker, Author of Positivity Psychologist
  • "As a Ghostwriter, I've written a lot of books (like, a lot), and I've never had one that's even come CLOSE to changing my life in the way that Kevin's has. You can ask my husband, my parents, and my kids... I'm a changed woman thanks to this book."
  • Jennifer Lill Brown, Ghostwriter, Author, Mom

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