"Kevin's FLIP Formula is simply genius, and it WORKS!" - John Lee Dumas
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Discover the simple way to make gratitude something you DO not just something you FEEL...
What this quick reference sheet will teach you
Learn the simple 4-step formula for activating gratitude in your life. Make gratitude something you do, not just feel. Discover how much a simple little formula can do in your life.
  • The missing link in virtually all the literature about gratitude, happiness, and success.
  • Exactly what to do with daily frustrations and the pesky struggles that drag us down
  • Get a quick glimpse of the complete 4-step formula that has already changed thousands of lives, and sparked a movement that can help you dramatically change the trajectory of your life...
  • This formula could be the solution to some of the world's biggest problems...
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"My happiness has increased ten fold, and my perspective has broadened significantly. Just the other day my wife lent this validation by stating that I have been much happier and more understanding with the kids. Thanks for your incredible impact on my life Kevin!"
-Timothy L.
"I use the FLIP Formula when I start to feel myself descending in the downward spiral of depression and it has helped me regain clarity and control. It has been helping me rewire my brain so that I can feel joy and be the best possible mom to my kids."
-Mellissa L.
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