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***(light switch covers retail for $10.95)***
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Add Some Light To Your Life... FLIP Your Very Own Gratitude Switch At Home!
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Why Put a Gratitude Switch In Your Home?
  • A Simple Reminder - To FLIP the Gratitude Switch During Life's Many Frustrations...
  •  Constant Object Lesson - Use It As a Way To Teach Your Children How Gratitude Can Illuminate All of Life's Challenges and How It Can Add Light During Life's Darkest Moments...
  •  You Can Put One In Every Room In Your House - With One of These In Every Room, You Never Have To Spend Another Day In Any Kind of a Bad Mood...
  •  Elegant Visual Teaching Tool - And You Don't Even Have To Explain It to Your Family Or Friends... It Is Self Explanatory the Minute You Make the First Tiny FLIP...
  •  Kids Just "GET IT" - If They Can Read, They Get It... If They Can't Read, All It Takes Is One Tiny FLIP For Them To Make a Connection to What a Little FLIP Can Mean, and How Simple It Is To Be Happy, Which In Turn Will Infuse Your Home With a Little More "Happy" From the Littles...
  •  A Courage Builder! - My 7-year-old daughter says, "When you're feeling sad, you can look at your Gratitude Switch cover and then you feel the course come up inside you to make you happy, and fill up your heart."
What Others Are Saying...
About Their Light Switch Covers...
"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"
"Thank you so much for taking the time to share this FLIP Formula. It has been life changing for my life, my wife’s life and the lives of our two boys! This Light Switch Cover alone has COMPLETELY shifted the way my children are acting at home."

Erik G.
"FLIPping The Gratitude Switch is Powerful!"
"I  try to teach my kids to be grateful, and FLIPping the Gratitude Switch is powerful! I have my kids go into a dark room and 'FLIP the Gratitude Switch,' and I love the powerful image when they do - the darkness is dispelled! The light forces the darkness out! They can see it!"

Kelli N.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What If I end up needing a refund?
A: We have a 30 day - no questions asked - refund. There's ZERO risk! (We do require that you send us the light switch plate back if for any reason it doesn't work for you, but beyond that... no problem!)
Q: What Material Is the Cover Made Out of?
A: It is a very durable, and yet decorative nylon light switch cover that comes with the screws to mount it on any one of the traditional light switches you have in your home.
Q: What if it won't fit the light switches in my home?
A: The whole point of the light switch cover is to have it be a visual reminder of the importance of FLIPping The Gratitude Switch. Many people will still get one and just display it somewhere they can easily see it, and it can still have the same effect.
Q: What if I want more than 1 Light Switch Cover? Do I have to buy others at full price?
A: The full price on these light switch covers is $10.95, but if you scroll to the top, you can find some bulk pricing if you want to buy more than one light switch cover. Special pricing available on this page only.
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